Model Horses - USA Proxy Showstring





Mold: Breyer SM Saddlebred

Customised by: D'Arry Jone Frank, Prestige Farms, USA

Shown as: Hackney Pony Gelding

Show Record:

NAMHSA 2014 Top 10 CM Other Pure/Part/Grade Pony or Mini Stallions/Geldings

NAMHSA 2012 Champion CM Workmanship SM/LB Chestnut/Bay/Black/Brown

NAMHSA 2012 Top 10 CM Pure/Part/Grade Carriage Type

Multi NAN qualified in halter, workmanship & performance for 2016-2019

Multi BMECs qualified in halter & workmanship for 2016-2018

Custom Top 10, BMECS, October 2015

Grand Champion, Leicestershire Mini Live, UK, June 2012

Custom Champion, Leicestershire Mini Live, UK, June 2012

Additional Information:

This guy started life as the Breyer SM Saddlebred and D'Arry modified him with a new head, ears and gave him a braided mane and docked tail.

Currently being proxy shown in the USA by Diana Parker.




Pictures taken by D'Arry Jone Frank and used with her very kind permission.