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Silver Kristal

Mold: Peter Stone Weanling "Kristal"

Issued: December 2012

Details: SR2012 / 1 of 5 Produced / Matte Version

Shown as: Appaloosa Filly

Additional Information:

A very limited edition of 5 weanlings painted in a leopard appaloosa pattern with two socks, striped hooves with ermine spots, a star and mottled skin.  They are customised with carved ears and nose detail, a tucked head, remade forelock, twitched ear, refined mane, and a swishing tail with more details added. Available in matte or glossy

Show Record:

Multi BMECS qualified in halter for 2015/2016

OF Youngstock Champion, Just Cruisin' 5 Live, March 2014