Model Horses - UK Showstring




Solar Wind

Mold: Breyer National Show Horse

Customised by: D'Arry Jone Frank, USA

Shown as: NSH Mare

Show Record:

NAMHSA 2010 Top 10 CM Part Arabian

NAMHSA 2010 Top 10 CM Workmanship TR/CL Tobiano

Multi NAN qualified in halter for 2015

Multi BMECS qualified in halter for 2015/2016

Division Reserve Champion, Party on the Platte, September 2010

Additional Information:

D'Arry gave this lovely model a complete make-over! She resculpted her head, eyes, muzzle and ears, as well as giving her a new mane and tail. And finally she painted her in an ultra feminine buttery dappled palomino tobiano!



Pictures taken by D'Arry Jone Frank and used with her kind permission.